C.G.S. colony (Antop HillMumbai) is Asia's largest housing colony to provide housing to employees and staff of any central government body/organisation. C.G.S. is derived from Central Government Employees Society - the "E" is not used usually because saying "CGS" is much easier and faster than saying "CGES", but C.G.E.S. is the official short-form. The colony is located approximately mid-way of the King's Circle and Koliwada or Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar railway stations. Walking time between C.G.S. and both stations is an average of 20 minutes.

C.G.S. colony consists of seven sectors, I through VII and the buildings are graded according to the number of rooms each apartment (or flat) of the building contains. The allocation of the apartment type to an individual is based on his/her ranking within the central government body/organisation. Lately, many of the buildings in the colony have been marked as unsafe and the task of rebuilding them is under way.

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