The Carter Road Promenade is a kilometre-long walkway along the sea on the west side of Bandra, a suburb of 

Carter Road Bandra
Mumbai , India. Less than a decade old, having been opened up for public in January 2002. It is simultaneously a popular hang out spot next to Bandstand Promenade , a jogging track , a park and also a lovers point. The promenade is managed by Bandra West Residents' Association.


Carter Road Promenade is located along the Arabian sea on the west side of Bandra , a highly coveted location for its coastlines, restaurants, pubs, and high-street stores. The walkway is 4,800 feet long with a small chess-board ground, a large gazebo, a vermicompost bed and solar and wind energy. The walkway was redeveloped in 2008 as part of the larger movement in the city of Mumbai to reclaim public spaces and to protect Mumbai’s coastline.


After its makeover in 2009, the promenade now extends to Khar Danda . The plan of extension was proposed by Khar-Bandra-Santacruz Foundation. 

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