The Ghodbunder Road is considered as the most important roadway in Thane City , alongwith the Eastern Express Highway . The road connects the Eastern Express Highway in Thane to the Western Express Highway in Bhayander . There are plans to build a tram system along this road . From L.B.S. road junction in Thane to Varsova Char Phata in Bhayander , the Ghodbunder road has provided an important East - West Link in North Mumbai . 

The Ghodbunder Road begins at the L.B.S. road junction where the Kapurbawadi flyover was built to ease the traffic flow from Eastern Express Highway to Ghodbunder road and vice versa . The Kapurbawadi flyover has two arms , of which one is for traffic to and fro Ghodbunder road and other is for traffic on the Old Agra Road . This Flyover , once completed will decongest the Ghodbunder Road . The Ghodbunder road initially runs in a North South direction and then turns towards West in the extreme North of Thane City . 

The Patlipada Flyover has been recently built on the Ghodbunder Road at Patlipada to decongest the busy junctions formed by the Hiranandani Estate Road . The Wagbil Naka Flyover has been built a few metres North of the Patlipada Flyover .

The bus stops along the route are :- 

  1. Majiwada
  2. Kapur Bawadi
  3. Tatvadnyan Vidyapeeth
  4. Duttaniya Vidyapeeth
  5. Lakwim Company
  6. R Mall
  7. Manpada
  8. Mullabaug
  9. Brahmand
  10. Patli Pada
  11. Patli Pada Hiranandani
  12. Dongri Pada
  13. Waghvali Naka
  14. Waghbil
  15. Panchamrut
  16. Vijay Garden
  17. Muchhala College
  18. Sainath Nagar
  19. Kasarvadavali Naka
  20. Garib Nagar
  21. Ovla Gaon
  22. Awda Gaon
  23. Vihang Hills
  24. Poshmata Mandir
  25. Bhainder Pada
  26. Gaimukh Gaon
  27. Gaimukh Mandir
  28. Reti Bunder
  29. Jakat Nagar Gaimukh
  30. Gaimukh Naka
  31. Coca Cola Hodown
  32. Kasavali
  33. Mhapsekar Plot
  34. Kaju Pada
  35. Chen Pul
  36. Chena Gaon
  37. Jakat Naka
  38. Varsava
  39. Varsava / Fountain Hotel
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