Lady Jamshedjee Road, better known as "L.J. Road", is a major road that runs through Mahim in Mumbai . It is named in honour of Lady Jamshetjee Jeejeebhoy, a philanthropic Parsi lady who funded the construction of Mahim causeway.[1]L.J. Road is a busy thoroughfare much used by road conveyances commuting between the city of Mumbai and its north-western suburbs. It is essentially an extension of Swami Vivekanand Road and the Mahim Causeway.


Several prominent landmarks of the area, are located on the road. These include:St. Michael's church, MahimThe Mahim DargahThe Sitala Devi templeCitylight movie theatreSena Bhavan, headquarters of the Shiv SenaAdditionally, the road provides access to Hinduja Hospital,Bombay Scottish School and Plaza theatre, all of which lie just off the road.

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