Lalbaug is a locality in Mumbai  (Bombay), India. Lalbaug lies in the approximate centre of Mumbai, near Dadar  and Parel , and has been a famous centre for reunions of Hindus during their festivals, especially the Ganesh festival. There are prominent Ganeshotsav organizations in and around Lalbaug, as well as many sculpture workshops. Prior to the Ganesh festivals, these workshops are flooded with various-sized statues of Ganesha, th, the elephant-headed God which the people worship. Lalbaug also marks the centre of different mills that flourished in Mumbai during British rule; The Kohinoor Mill, the Finlay Mill and the Morarjee Mill to name a few. At that time, most of the community worked in these mills and it was a major source of livelihood for a majority of them. 

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