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Marine Lines is an area in South Mumbai . It is also the name of a railway station  on the Mumbai suburban railway  on the Western Railway railway line . The name Marine Lines is named after the Marine Battalion Lines, a military establishment built by the British. The battalion was later converted to an air force residence quarters, and now lies just south of Metro Adlabs. The name Marine lines was also the name of the road, on which Bombay Hospital and Liberty Cinema stands. It is now known as V Thackersey Marg. Marine Drive  is the famous promenade near the station. Marine Lines [Eastern side] does not have a large residential population but has an enormous floating population consisting of office-goers, traders and shopkeepers. It is the most densely populated area in the world   with 291,981 people per square mile. 2 Marine Drive [Western side] facing the sea is part of the Queen's Necklace View, it also has one of the finest Art Deco Residential Buildings facing the sea.

Near the station there is a Muslim cemetery and a municipal crematorium namely Chandanwadi. Also adjoining the station is the famous Marine Drive flyover which is the only link to Marine Drive over the tracks from Princess Street beginning to end.

New Marine Lines is the area just south of the station near Churchgate . It is home to a number of offices including the UTI, R.O.C.(Registrar of Companies), Customs (Marine and Preventive Wing),Income Tax office and various other


governmental agencies.







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