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The Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR ) is a metropolitan area consisting of the metropolis of Mumbai and its satellite towns . Developing over a period of about 20 years, it consists of seven municipal corporations and fifteen smaller municipal councils. The entire area is overseen by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), a Maharashtra State Government organisation in charge of town planning, development, transportation and housing in the region. The MMRDA was formed to address the challenges in planning and development of integrated infrastructure for the metropolitan region . The areas outside of Brihan Mumbai (Greater Mumbai) and Navi Mumbai have lacked organised development. Navi Mumbai, developed as one of the largest planned cities in the world, was promoted by a Maharashtra Government-owned company, City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) . The region has had problems related to haphazard and illegal development as a result of rapid urbanisation. Villages along the NH3 in Bhiwandi Taluka are examples of haphazard developments in the MMR, with some of the largest warehousing areas in India. Government agencies such as the Town Plannerand Collector of Thane have had challenges in addressing unorganised development.

The region has an area of 4,355 km² and with a population of 20,998,395, it is among the top ten most populated urban agglomerations in the world. It is linked with Mumbai through the Mumbai Suburban Railway system and a large network of roads .

Municipal Corporations Population (2001 census) Population (2011 census) Area (km²) Density (per km²)
Greater Mumbai 11,978,450 12,478,447 603.40 20,694
Navi Mumbai 704,002 1,119,477 163.00 4,319
Thane 1,818,872 1,262,551 147.00 8,589
Kalyan-Dombivali 1,193,512 1,546,381 137.15 8,702
Vasai-Virar N/A 1,221,233 105.00 11,614
Mira-Bhayandar 520,388 814,655 88.75 5,863
Bhiwandi-Nizampur 598,741 811,329 28.31 21,149
Ulhasnagar 473,731 506,937 27.54 17,201
Totals 19,635,521 20,748,395 1,176.38 16,692

Municipal Councils[]

  1. Alibag
  2. Ambernath
  3. Karjat
  4. Khopoli
  5. Kulgaon Badlapur
  6. Matheran
  7. Panvel
  8. Pen
  9. Uran

The area takes up four districts of Maharashtra state.

  1. Mumbai City (complete)
  2. Mumbai Suburban (complete)
  3. Thane (partial)
  4. Raigad (partial)

Mumbai Conurbation[]

The Mumbai Conurbation  is a conurbation that comprises the metropolitan city of Mumbai(City , Suburban and Navi Mumbai), and seven urban areas - ThaneMira-BhayandarKalyan-DombivaliUlhasnagarVasai-Virar andBhiwandi-Nizampur as well as several other towns and villages. Several public authorities are responsible for development and maintenance of the Mumbai Conurbation . While each urban area or township has its own local self government the MMRDA undertakes projects that cross over the local governments. Mumbai city - especially the Greater Mumbai area - is plagued with troubles due to concentration of businesses and lack of supporting infrastructure. Some of the projects MMRDA undertook were to move some of these business to other areas in the Mumbai Conurbation . For example, some of the wholesale markets were moved out of Greater Mumbai to other areas in the Conurbation . The entire island is called the Mumbai Metropolitan Area.

Towns :- Ambernath , Kulgaon-Badlapur , Matheran  , Karjat , Khopoli , Rasayani , Uran  , Shahapur


Industrial Area[]


  • Ulhas
  • Karanja


  • Postal Codes : 400 xxx to 401 xxx, 410 xxx, 421 xxx
  • Telephone Code : +91 (022),+91 (0251),+91 (02522)
  • Vehicle : MH-01, MH-02, MH-03, MH-04, MH-05, MH-06, MH-43, MH-46, MH-47, MH-48