Mumbaikar (Marathi: मुंबईकर) is the Marathi word to signify a resident of Mumbai. Even though the term has been in use for quite some time it gained popularity after the name was officially changed to Mumbai in November 1995. The change in name and rise in the popularity of the term led to common adoption of the term Mumbaikar. Generally speaking, the term encompasses a whole range of ethnicities and cultures of which Mumbai is a melting pot.

Its a general practice in Marathi language speakers to add kar (which means resident of) to the end of individuals' native village/place of residence in order to refer to the people from there. Based on this general rule, natives of Pune city are called Punekar, Nashik city Nashikkar and so on. It is also fairly common to find people who have their last name based on this rule, so some natives of Goregaon  (a large area in Mumbai) have Goregaonkar as their last name, similarly Chiplunkar from Chiplun and so on. Surnames based on profession with kar at the end are also very common.

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