Nahur is a railway station on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Nahur railway station falls under the jurisdiction of Central Railways and it was constructed to reduce the distance (between two consecutive train stations) between Bhandup and Mulund railway stations, which was quite large. Nahur has also helped in reducing the congestion in these stations, especially during the peak hours. All slow trains halt at Nahur.Nahur station was officially inaugurated on 21 April 2006.This railway station serves areas of Nahur , Bhandup , Village road, areas around Mulund (West). It is suitably located with Mulund and Bhandup on either sides, and within touching distance of both Airoli (Navi Mumbai ) and Thane .It can also be approached from Bhandup Station from either side. East and West of Nahur station are connected though the Mulund-Goregaon Link Road .It is also the railway station nearest to Nirmal Lifestyles , which is a very popular mall in North Mumbai. Only slow trains of Central Railways stop at Nahur, as it currently doesn't have the provisions (or the need) to introduce platforms for fast trains.

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