P L Lokhande Marg is a road in eastern Mumbai connecting Amar Mahal in Chembur  to Deonar . It is an important road link serving the Chedda Nagar region , which is a demsely populated region . It meets the Ramakrishna Chemburkar Marg (R.C. Marg) at the Eastern Express Highway , forming a bottleneck at the junction below the Amar Mahal Flyover

The bus stops on the route are :- 

  1. Amar Mahal
  2. Chembur Station Road No. 1
  3. Shivsena Office 
  4. Narayan Guru High School
  5. Ashish Nagar
  6. New Gauram Nagar


    The P.L. Lokhande Marg  begins from the Eastern Express Highway at the Amar Mahal Junction , runs parallel to the Harbour line and terminates at the Jeejabai Bhosle Marg (Ghatkopar - Mankhurd Link Road) near Shivaji Nagar

The lamdmarks by the route are :-

  1. Community Park
  2. Eastern Freeway Bridge
The Educational institutes along the road are :-
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar High School and junior college
  • S.K. Rai College
  • Shree Narayan Guru High School
  • Shree Narayan Guru College of Science and Commerce

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