Parel is a railway station on the Central Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway . The next station south is Currey Road ; the next station north is Dadar . A foot over bridge links Parel on the Central Line to Elphinstone Road on the
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Western Line .

Parel TerminusEdit

Central Railways (CR) plans to develop Parel station into a terminus for some local trains. The intention is to decongest Dadar by shifting 57 services that originate and terminate there. The project will take three years to implement once it is approved. The upgrade will be possible once CR's fifth and sixth tracks, laid up to Kurla, are extended to Parel and made operational.[2] A CR official insisted on the term terminal to describe the post-upgrade Parel station, saying that in railway parlance, terminus refers to big stations like CST.According to the official, one reason behind the plan is that Dadar does not have room for expansion. While Dadar in 2009-10 and 2010-11 received 87,712 and 81,743 passengers per day, the corresponding figures for Parel are 22,810 and 26,384.By creating more platforms a large number of passengers getting off at Dadar or boarding trains from there can be shifted to Parel. "The move is aimed to divide passenger load equitably between Parel and Dadar ," the official said. Parel is ideal to take the load off Dadar because commuters who change lines can get off at the station and take the over-bridge connecting it to Elphinstone Road, which is on the Western Line. Another reason for upgrading Parel is that passenger discharge at the station has been increasing in recent years.[3][edit]Foot Over-bridge? Parel Railway Station as of now has only one foot over-bridge on the southern side of the platform. This creates a lot of problem for commuters during peak hours. Due to this commuters used to cross the tracks on to the adjoining platform number 3 and use the foot over-bridge of that platform. This prompted the Railway's to put up a fence between the platforms in order to stop commuters from crossing the tracks. This has increased the pressure on the over-bridge even more and hence forced the Railway's into assigning the Railway Protection Force and Home Guard to help commuters cross the bridge and prevent any stampedes. They also protect the commuters from any approaching trains.[4]

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