Titwala (Marathi: टिटवाळा) is a small town near Kalyan  in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is situated at the banks of the seasonal river Kalu. Titwala covers an area of 507.881 hectares with a population of 1,485 (per the Census of 1971).


By worshipping the Ganesh idol, as consecrated by sage Kanva, Devi Shakuntala and King Dushyant united after a long period of disagreement and subsequently married. This idol from the Mahabharat period later vanished during the construction of a nearby lake.

Peshwa Saradar Ramchandra Mehendale possesses the present idol, as consecrated by the Madhavrao Peshwe.


It is the site of a temple of Ganesha and purportedly the hermitage where Shakuntala was born.

The Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple is located at Titwala. The day of 'Angarika Chaturthi', a holy day in the Hindu Calendar, attracts large crowds. Titwala attracts visitors from the suburbs of Mumbai. Though a part of KDMC (Kalyan Dombivili Municipal Corporation), the town still lacks infrastructure and amenities. Believers claim that if Mahaganapati is worshiped regularly, marriages of those wanting to be united can be arranged and that conflicts between husband and wife can end and those that desire a son, will have one born to them.


Titwala is the third railway station from Kalyan on the Bombay-Kasara route of the Central Line. Local trains run every 5–15 minutes frequency.[4] Although the station is known as Titwala, it is actually located 1.5 kilometres away in the village of Manda.


Titwala is surrounded by rivers. The village is divided in half by the rail line. The western side, falling under the KDMC administration, is not developed, although a police station and a water purification plant are located near the temple. During the floods of 2005, it was cut off from the surrounding cities, including its rail line.

The population pattern of the town follows the road connecting the station and the temple.


The primarily devotional tourist attraction is developing into a residential area, with increased population and standard of living. Its proximity to the main Kalyan terminal (20–25 km) is attractive to new settlers. Many companies are undertaking new residential projects and small franchises like Anant Halwai and Monginis are opening their doors.

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