HIV AIDS , an undoubtedly deadly diseases has taken the world by storm in the recent decades . A person infected
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by HIV AIDS finds weakening of his/her immune system , which eventually leads to susceptibility to all kinds of other diseases . 

Here are a few key points that you cannot afford to miss , to stay safe .

  1. HIV is spread from one person to another:
    • by having unprotected sex with an infected person
    • through contact with infected blood
    • from an infected mother to her unborn or newborn baby (but only some babies born to infected mothers become infected with HIV)
  1. You cannot be infected with HIV in other ways.  For example, if a person with HIV coughs, he/she cannot pass on the virus.  If you hug or touch a person with HIV you cannot get HIV.
  2. Most people who are infected with HIV do not know they are infected, and you cannot tell if a person is infected just by looking at them.

    It takes many years for the signs of HIV infection to show up.  This is usually when a person becomes ill from other diseases.

  3. An HIV blood test can be done at some clinics, or by a doctor, or at an AIDS Training, Information and Counselling Centre (ATICC) in most clinics.

You cannot be forced to have an HIV test.  It is your choice.  The results are confidential and only told to you.

Having the test will help you to better plan your future and to prevent the spread of HIV

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| style="font-size:10pt;color:rgb(0,0,0);vertical-align:top;text-align:left;" valign="top" width="75%"|HIV infection can be prevented by:#*saying "no" to unprotected sex

    • staying faithful to your sexual partner
    • using a condom every time you have sex
    • preventing direct contact with blood by using gloves, plastic bags or other barriers

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|- | style="font-size:10pt;color:rgb(0,0,0);vertical-align:top;text-align:left;" valign="top" width="75%"|There is no cure for AIDS, but many people infected with HIV live long healthy lives.They do this by taking care of their health, keeping fit, getting treatment when they are sick, eating correct foods, reducing stress and practicing safer sex. |}

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